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Education Ministry

Our Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes are dedicated to the teaching of God’s Word. Classes are arranged according to common age groups from toddlers to adults.  The curriculum is structured around textual studies of scripture and topical studies of interest and concern. In addition, a New Converts Class is also available for those added to the body of Christ. Well trained teachers who believe that the Bible is from God will challenge you, guide you, and hopefully inspire you.  We are challenged to grow in spiritual understanding through weekly discussion-oriented, bible-based classes. Our purpose is to equip adults through Bible study, prayer and fellowship to grow spiritually and be transformed into Christ’s image.  We seek to follow the teachings and patterns for the church given in the New Testament. 

Children’s Church

Children’s church is a ministry that is held every Sunday simultaneously with the Worship Service. It is designed to help in educating our children ages 2 through 8 on basic Christian living principles. They are taught how to be kind, helpful, loving, thankful, how to share with each other and how to be obedient. We also try to parallel the regular service by having the children participate in singing, prayer and giving.

New Convert Ministry

The purpose of the New Convert Ministry is to bring in our new converts and introduce them first to all the different ministries we have for them at Sharpe Road and encourage them to get involved.  Second we introduce them to each other. We try to make sure everyone feels comfortable in their new church by building relationships with other members of the body at Sharpe Road. We try to plan different activities for everyone for everyone to get acquainted with each other and different bible studies focusing on areas that are important  to new converts.

Youth Ministry

The purpose of the Youth Ministry is to organize Youth Group Activities for the Youth that promote Christians Fellowship and teach Christian principles. This done through attending Youth Rally’s, organizing Youth Lock-In, and various other events that focus on teaching and serving our Youth.  The Sharpe Road Youth Ministry is one of the most important and vital ministries of the congregation. Truly the youth are our future and we encourage our youth to become active in the work of the Lord and stress the importance of following Christ at an early age. To promote spiritual growth and fellowship a variety of spiritual filled and fun activities are executed throughout the course of the year. Some of these activities are Youth Lock-Ins, Bible Bowls, Youth Conferences and various Youth Rallies. (Ministry Leaders: Joseph Scott & Hank Wall)

Young Adults/Campus Ministry

In addition to having a congregation blessed with youth, here at Sharpe Road, we are blessed to have several Young Adults with many attending local colleges and universities in the area. We strive to promote spiritual growth through various activities. We strive to promote spiritual growth through various activities. We have Young Adult Bible Studies which meet on Sunday’s and Wednesdays that are designed to encourage Young Adults deal with life’s issues. We also have Young Adult fellowship events throughout the course of the year which are focused on encouragement and edification. For college students needing transportation, we do offer transportation to and fro to all of our Worship Services.  Ministry Leaders: Maurice Dent Jr. and Nicholas Glenn

The Golden Agers Ministry

The Golden Agers Ministry is open to all members who are fifty-five years of age and older.  Our major focus is providing an opportunity for our older members to actively participate in impacting the growth of our church family through outreach activities that span from educating our youth to invigorating our seniors.

Our major projects are:

  • A monthly third Saturday Breakfast Club for ages 6-12
  • A monthly third Saturday Business Meeting for all Golden Agers (GA)
  •  A once a year (April) GA sponsored Benevolence Day (giveaway)
  • Get-togethers/Outings

The Breakfast Club involves reaching out to children who attend Sharpe Road Church of Christ and children from various parts of the city. The weekend before the Breakfast Club, we canvas a designated neighborhood and invite the children to attend our third Saturday Breakfast Club.  We sign up the children, inform them of the time they will be picked up and returned and meet briefly with their caregivers at which time we also invite them to participate and to attend our Sunday worship service. At the Breakfast Club, which runs between 10 am and noon, we have age appropriate classes and arts and crafts followed by a fellowship breakfast or meal. (Our menu changes monthly and is generated and agreed upon by the Golden Agers. All food prepared for the Breakfast Club is donated by the Golden Agers.) It has been our custom in recent years to collect from the church family school supplies during the month of August.  We then package these supplies and distribute them to the children who attend the September Breakfast Club.

The Golden Agers Business Meeting is held monthly immediately following the Breakfast Club. During this meeting each participant is encouraged to give five dollars to help with the activities the organization sponsors. (The “dues” total $40.00 a year.) These funds are needed because the Golden Agers are totally self-supporting and do not request a budget from the church treasury.

A Benevolence Day, usually in April, is spearheaded by the Golden Agers. We solicit gently used household items, clothes, shoes, etc. from our membership. These items are set up and displayed on a designated Saturday and we invited the public to the giveaway. During this giveaway we usually have great participation and our leadership is on hand to greet the public and invite them to worship with us. This is a church wide project that the Golden Agers organize.

As Golden Agers we enjoy fellowshipping with one another. Throughout the year we try to plan short trips, cookouts and get-togethers that will allow us to get to know one another better. During our meetings we take suggestions for outings and trips. Some activities have been apple picking, cookouts, cherry picking,  fish frys and shopping excursions.  Our goal is to be active and to encourage one another.

2017 Ladies Ministry Officers


Chair – Sis. Stephanie Wilson
Co-chair – Sis. Evelyn Hoover
Secretary – Sis. Roynetta Capers
Assistant Secretary – Sis.
Treasurer – Sis. Kathy Dent
Assistant Treasurer – Sis.
Bible Class Teacher/Facilitator – Sis. Anissa Jones

Event Coordinator – Sis. Britney Dent
Sunshine Coordinator(s) – Sis. Janis Baines

Ladies Ministry News


Ladies Business Meeting Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 Calendar of Events


**All dates are subject to change. Please pay attention to the announcements and visit the Ladies’ Ministry bulletin board to stay informed**


2016 Ladies Bible Class Schedule

**Ladies Bible Class is held every 3rd Sunday each month at 3:00P in the fellowship hall, unless otherwise noted**

May 21th ~ Sis. Anissa Jones
July 16th ~ Sis.
August 20st ~ Sis.
September 17th ~ Sis.
October 15th ~ Sis.
November 19th ~ Sis.
December 17th ~ Sis.

2017 College Dinner Schedule

**College dinners are the 2nd Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted**

May 14th ~ Mother’s Day, NO DINNER
June, July, August ~ NO COLLEGE DINNERS
September 10th ~ Sis. Kathy Dent and Team
October 8th ~ Sis.
November 12th ~ Ladies Prayer Circle
December 3rd ~ Sis. Linda Gibbs and Singles Ministry

*Please note, all dates are subject to change/cancellations so please check with the Women’s Ministry officers with any questions*