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Acapella Music Ministry at Sharpe Road


Welcome to the Acapella Music Ministry at the Sharpe Road Church of Christ in Greensboro!

At Sharpe Road Church of Christ, we believe that music has the power to touch hearts, inspire souls, and bring people closer to God. Our Acapella Music Ministry plays a vital role in our worship services and community outreach, and we are passionate about sharing the beauty of acapella Christian music with others.

What is Acapella Music?

Acapella music refers to vocal music performed without instrumental accompaniment. It showcases the pure harmonies and vocal talents of individuals, allowing the voices to blend seamlessly and create a rich, captivating sound. Acapella music has a long-standing tradition in Christian worship and is deeply rooted in biblical teachings.

Importance of the Acapella Music Ministry

Honoring Biblical Tradition: Acapella music has been an integral part of Christian worship for centuries. It reflects the practice of early Christians who relied solely on their voices to praise and worship God. By continuing this tradition, we connect with our spiritual heritage and honor the teachings of the Bible.

Deepening Spiritual Connection: Music has a unique ability to touch our souls and connect us to a higher power. Capella music, in particular, allows us to focus on the lyrics and the harmonious voices, creating an intimate and deeply spiritual experience. Through the Acapella Music Ministry, we aim to foster a sense of reverence, awe, and heartfelt worship in our congregation.

Creating a Unified Worship Experience: The absence of instrumental accompaniment in acapella music allows the voices of the musician and singers to blend harmoniously, creating a unified sound that brings our congregation together in worship. As we lift our voices in unison, we experience a sense of unity and community, reinforcing the idea that we are all part of something greater than ourselves.

Expressing Emotions and Truths: Music has a unique ability to convey emotions and truths in a powerful and memorable way. Through our Acapella Music Ministry, we have the opportunity to express the depths of our faith, share stories of redemption, and proclaim the love and grace of God. The harmonies and melodies become a vessel for conveying messages of hope, joy, and transformation.

Outreach and Evangelism: Our Acapella Music Ministry extends beyond the walls of our church. We believe that the power of acapella music can reach hearts and minds outside our congregation. Through special performances, community events, and collaborations, we seek to share the uplifting and transformative power of acapella music with the broader community, touching lives and inspiring others to seek a relationship with God.

At our worship service, we come together as a congregation to lift our voices, hearts, and spirits in praise and adoration of God. It is a time of spiritual connection, reflection, and celebration. Our worship service is designed to create an atmosphere where we can encounter the presence of God, grow in our faith, and find inspiration and encouragement.


Acapella Congregational Singing:

One of the central elements of our worship service is congregational singing. We believe that singing together as a congregation is a powerful and meaningful way to express our worship and devotion to God. Through congregational singing, we unite our voices in harmony, creating a collective sound of praise that transcends individual voices.

By participating in congregational singing, we engage actively in the worship experience. It allows us to connect with the lyrics and melodies of familiar hymns and worship songs, expressing our faith, gratitude, and longing for God. Congregational singing also fosters a sense of unity and community, as we join together in worship as a body of believers.

Original Songs:

While we cherish the timeless hymns and beloved worship songs of the past, we also recognize the value of incorporating original songs into our worship service. Original songs are expressions of faith and personal experiences that resonate deeply with our congregation. They provide an opportunity to embrace the creative gifts within our community and bring a fresh perspective to our worship.

Original songs can capture the unique journey of our congregation, reflect our shared values, and convey the specific ways in which God is working in our lives. They inspire us to worship in a way that is authentic and relevant to our community, fostering a deeper connection with God and one another.

Song Leader:

The role of the song leader is essential in guiding and facilitating our congregational singing. The song leader is responsible for selecting songs that align with the theme of the worship service, leading the congregation in singing, and creating an atmosphere conducive to worship.

The song leader vocalist not only leads the congregation in singing but also serves as a spiritual guide. They help us engage with the lyrics and melodies, encouraging us to reflect on the meaning behind the songs and inviting us to participate wholeheartedly in worship. The song leader’s passion, enthusiasm, and love for God’s presence can be contagious, igniting a sense of joy and reverence among the congregation.


Our worship service is a sacred time where we come together to worship, connect with God, and experience the power of community. Through southern gospel congregational singing, we express our collective praise and devotion to God. The inclusion of each hymn, psalm, and original songs allows us to embrace our unique journey as a congregation and deepen our connection with Jesus Christ in a personal and meaningful way. With the guidance of a dedicated song leader, our worship service becomes a transformative experience that nourishes our souls and draws us closer to God. We invite you to join us in our worship service as we raise our voices, open our hearts, and encounter the presence of God together.

Join Us!

Whether you are an experienced singer or simply have a passion for acapella music, we welcome you to join our Acapella Music Ministry at Sharpe Road Church of Christ. Together, we can use our voices to create a beautiful and meaningful worship experience, deepen our connection with God, and spread the joy of acapella music to those around us.

Come and be a part of a ministry that celebrates the rich musical style and traditions of acapella music while embracing the transformative power of worship. Together, let us lift our voices in harmony and praise, offering our hearts and talents to glorify God through the beauty of acapella music.


Bro. Michael and Teresa Stevenson [Music Ministry Leader]


Welcome to the music ministry at the Sharpe Road Church of Christ, led by Minister of Music, Brother Michael Stevenson. Mike is a well-respected leader throughout the nation for developing acapella worship leaders and groups. The Sharpe Road Church of Christ is blessed to have a dynamic worship experience every week under the direction of brother Mike. We praise God in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.  Not only does Sharpe Road have a sprit-filled worship service, but the congregation has been blessed with several groups that travel and minister as well. These groups include but are not limited to the Sharpe Road Worship and Praise Choir, Destined Generation (children’s choir), Eternal Praise, Soul Purposed, and Just Brothers. The other worship leaders at Sharpe Road are Rodney Bennett, Randy Dulin, Chuck Price, and Joseph Scott. Come and worship with us this Sunday, we would love to have you!