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Welcome To The Christian Education Page at Sharpe Road

Christian Education is Paramount To The Growth of The Church and The Individual

Christian education plays a pivotal role in nurturing the spiritual growth and understanding of individuals within our church community. If you or your family members are ready to deepen your spiritual connection and understanding of the Christian faith, our educators are here for you.

We have several class offerings for people in all walks of life. In our new Education Portal, we will explore the importance of Christian education and the invaluable contribution of the educators in our church. But first, let’s meet our teachers at Sharpe Road!

Select from the drop down below which Christian education class you are searching for in our education portal. Contact us below to connect and get plugged into the class of your choice!

Pre-K & Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)
Sis. Annissa Jones

Sis. Annissa Jones

Sis. Jones is our phenomenal Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher. She loves our youngest students at Sharpe Road and looks forward to teaching your child! Contact us today to learn more about our Pre-K and K classes.

Sis. Joanne Edwards

Sis.Joann Edwards

Sis. JoAnn is a Christian educator with years of experience working with students of all age groups. She currently teaches our 1st and 2nd graders at Sharpe Road, and has a special way of connecting with kids for Christ! Contact us today to learn more about our classes for 1st and 2nd graders!

Dr.Evelyn Hoover
Sis. Jackie Jones
Sis. Norma Noble

Dr. Hoover, Sis. Jones, and Sis. Noble. are our three excellent teachers for upper elementary grades 3-5. With decades of combined teaching experience, they care tremendously for our children, their Christian development, and their religious education. These educators take pride in fostering a community of mutual trust and respect for our 3rd-5th graders in the name of Christ. Contact us today to learn more about our upper elementary classes.

Sis. Jamie Gadson
Sis. Jann Norman
Sis. Penny Roundtree

We are blessed to have great middle school teachers at Sharpe Road! Sis. Jamie, Jann, and Penny have a deep passion for helping our young people in their spiritual walk. Middle schoolers crave guidance as they explore who they are. Our Christian educators help them develop a biblical worldview rooted in the Christian faith, all while celebrating their successes and guiding them through challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our middle school program.

Dr. tamara turner

sis. janis Baines

Dr. Tamara Turner
Dr. Tamara Turner has worked for decades with pre-teens, teens, and young adults. She is currently the CEO of Quality Education Academy (QEA) and is on a mission to positively affect our youth for Jesus Christ!
Sis. Janice Baines
Sis. Baines has a deep passion for the high school students in our Christian community. She spent several years as an educator in the public school system and loves teaching, connecting with, leading, and directing grades 9-12! Contact us today to learn more about our high school education opportunities.
Bro. Chris and Dr. Jeanne Holmes

Bro. Chris & Dr. Jeanne Holmes

Bro. Chris and Dr. Jeanne Holmes are masterful teachers for our college students and young adults, ages 17-30. Bro. Chris is an outstanding leader in business, and Dr. Jeanne has excelled in both business and higher education for many years! These educators are a great example for the young adult members of Sharpe Road. 


Bro. Chris and Dr. Jeanne both take pride in sharing their Christian perspective and engaging in rich conversations with students about the Christian faith. Their classes are both educational and interesting. These educators form genuine mentorship connections with our young adults for Christ. Contact us today to learn about our programs for ages 17-30!

Bro. Julius Greene

Bro. Bill Sampson

Julius Greene
Bro. Julius Greene, our Minister Emeritus, has a deep love and passion for helping our new converts grow in their spiritual walk. Bro. Green has served Sharpe Road for decades with his educational ministry. We are blessed to have him serve our new converts and share his wisdom about Christian principles.
Brother Bill Sampson
Bro. Bill Sampson had served in various capacities at Sharpe Road for decades. His ability to relate to new converts is truly a gift. Bill works in our Education leadership, and is always willing to give an encouraging word and a helping hand. If you are ready to start your spiritual journey in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment, contact us today.

We have a rotation of faithful Brothers at Sharpe Road that teach our adult Sunday School and Wednesday Night classes. We encourage you to connect with us! Whether you are a long-standing member of our congregation or curious about visiting Sharpe Road Church of Christ for the first time, we promise you a welcoming and uplifting environment rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. Contact us today to have your questions answered!

L. Glass, R. Bennett, J. Greene, M. Washington, C. Holmes, J. Scott, C. Price, B. Sampson, H. Brown, K. Crosby, and C. Noble

Why is Christian Education Essential?

Biblical Foundation: Christian education provides a solid biblical foundation for believers. Through systematic teaching and a curriculum based on biblical truth, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, fostering a strong relationship with God. Teachers serve as guides, helping the congregation navigate the complexities of the Bible and apply its teachings to their lives. If you are a Christian parent, we invite you to explore our education offerings for your child. 


Spiritual Formation: Biblical education contributes significantly to the spiritual formation of believers. It goes beyond mere knowledge, aiming to transform hearts and minds. Teachers play a crucial role in modeling Christ-like behavior, encouraging spiritual disciplines, and fostering an environment where individuals can grow in their faith. As you grow in your spiritual formation, you deepen your connection with God and improve your ability to apply Christian philosophy to your life.  


Community Building: The classroom setting in education serves as a platform for building a strong sense of community within the church. Teachers facilitate discussions, group activities, and shared learning experiences, fostering connections among believers. This sense of community strengthens the church body and encourages mutual support. Our educators believe that children learn better when they feel safe and valued. Our class communities thrive on the Christian principles of kindness and respect. 


Equipping for Service: Evangelical education equips believers for service and ministry. Teachers guide individuals in discovering their spiritual gifts and talents, empowering them to use these gifts for the greater good of the church and the community as a whole. As individuals are equipped, the entire body of believers becomes more effective in fulfilling its mission.


Cultural Relevance: In a rapidly changing world, Biblical education and Christian teachers play a crucial role in addressing contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. By staying relevant and engaging with the challenges of the day, teachers help the congregation apply timeless biblical principles to modern situations. We believe in teaching each student how to apply God’s word to their daily life. 


Passing on the Faith: Christ influenced education is a means of passing on the faith from one generation to the next. Teachers have the privilege of influencing the lives of young believers, instilling in them a strong foundation of Christian values and beliefs. This generational continuity is vital for the long-term health and vibrancy of the church.


Lifelong Learning: Christian education fosters a culture of lifelong learning and spiritual growth. Teachers inspire a hunger for knowledge and a desire to continually deepen one’s understanding of God and His Word. This attitude of continuous learning contributes to a spiritually mature and resilient church community.

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