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The History of The Sharpe Road Church of Christ- One of the Churches in Greensboro NC


In 1954, the beginning of the Churches of Christ and Churches in Greensboro NC for African Americans was started on Ireland Street. This was done with the help of the elders and Minister O.P. Baird of the Wendover Avenue Church of Christ. The Ireland Street Church of Christ began at the corner of Ireland and Haynes Streets.

Our congregation as one of the churches in Greensboro NC began with it’s first preacher, P. K. Alexander and his wife Marie Alexander. They also had three of their grandchildren with them, Rose, Marie and Pinkney Butler.  The Alexander’s we’re devoted to full-time ministry in a one room building without any running water, no bathrooms, and no place to baptize people.

Baptisms took place at the Wendover Avenue Church of Christ, another one of the Lord’s churches in Greensboro NC. Their three grandchildren were baptized in 1956. Worship services continued in the Ireland Street building until the City Redevelopment Commissioner gave a new notification in 1964. At that time, the church would need to relocate within six months because of city improvement.

New Site For One of the Lord’s Churches in Greensboro NC

The new site was selected in the Lennox Park Subdivision at 1417 Cottage Grove Avenue (now South English Street), with a lot size of 215 feet in the front, 160 feet depth, and the building having a dimension of 30/60.  A brick veneer basement was erected.  The total cost of lots, assessments and building was $19, 256.25.

Before the move to 1417 Cottage Grove Avenue, about ten to twelve families (approximately forty people) had been added to the Lord’s Church.  Of those families, those still worshipping in the congregation are the following:

  • Sister Johnsie Cowan and her family
  • Sister Louella Turner and her family
  • The Coleman family
  • Sister Bonnie Bell
  • Sister Louise McRae
  • The Richmond family
  • The Alexander family
  • Brother and sister Robert and Marie Alston with their family.

Transitions Within the churches in Greensboro NC

After going into the new building in 1965, Minister P.K. Alexander became ill and his health declined. Minister Alexander departed this life on June 24, 1966. The worship service continued with speakers from various congregations of the Lord’s churches in Greensboro NC. During that time period, we received help from the following Ministers of the Lord’s church:

  1. Brother Gene Peck of the Wendover Avenue church
  2. Brother Jimmy Canup of the Florida Street church
  3. Brother Clinton of Olga Avenue church

We were grateful the various members of the churches in Greensboro NC for helping our congregation during a trying period in our history.

New Beginnings and Growth

In 1967, the congregation selected Bro. Samuel Adams from Kannapolis, North Carolina to take the position as full time Minister. He worked hard for over eleven years, driving over 150 miles twice a week.  During this time the upper story of the building was completed and many people were baptized into the church in Greensboro.

As our congregation grew, the church suggested the need of a full-time minister who lived in the city, similar to the other churches in Greensboro NC. Brother Samuel Adams, who worked a full-time labor job in Kannapolis, did not accept the church’s offer and resigned his position. This was so that a full-time local minister could be hired.

The Lord’s Churches in Greensboro NC Continues To Grow

During the latter part of 1978 and early 1979, a search for a
full-time minister was in progress.  After the interview process was completed, the church hired Bro. Paul L. Sanders of Paris, Texas to be the Minister, and he accepted.  Bro. Sanders, his wife Claudie, and daughter Tiffany moved to Greensboro in August, 1979 and began working full time with our congregation.

Under Bro. Paul Sanders leadership, the church experienced tremendous growth. On an average, fifty people were baptized, restored or placed membership per year. The average Sunday morning attendance was approximately 250, a stellar number for one of the churches in Greensboro NC.

Due to church growth at that time, leadership deemed it necessary to have two Sunday morning worship services.  Because of such growth, in 1983 the Elders and Deacons decided to build an addition to the present structure. The late Sister Catherine Jordan gave the first $100.00 to start the expansion process. The addition was completed in 1985 at a cost of $262,000.00.


The work continued with Paul Sanders as Minister and Brother Zachary McChristian as Assistant Minister. Bro. McChristian and his wife Jacqueline and their two daughters, Chantelle and Daniele, worked with the congregation until 1994.  In 1993, Brother Paul Sanders resigned as full time Minister, and Brother McChristian became the full time minister until 1994.

In June of 1994, Brother Jerry Taylor, a native of Covington, Tennessee, accompanied by his wife, Patricia Bowden Taylor, formerly of Houston, Texas, assumed the work as the senior minister.

Bro. McChristian continued as the Associate Minister. Dr. Jerry Taylor came to the South English Street Church of Christ with an enthusiasm that encouraged the church to stand on the truth. He soon instituted Tuesday and Thursday night studies that focused on the topic, “How To Study the Bible”. He  encouraged the congregation to create our mission statement which still stands today:

“Loving God: Reaching, Serving and Building People For the Greatest Kingdom.”

From the South English Street Church, To the Sharpe Road Church of Christ

In the 1990’s, many of the churches in Greensboro NC were going through transitions. Our congregation was no different. In 1996, at the request of Dr. Jerry Taylor, Julius S. Greene became the Associate Minister at the South English Street Church of Christ.  Brother Greene is a native of North Carolina and is married to Donna G. Summers.  They have two children, Julius Greene, Jr. and Nikki Glenn.

Brother Julius Greene PreachingAfter serving and moving the South English Street Church of Christ forward for five years, Dr. Taylor resigned and Bro. Julius Greene became the full time minister.  Bro. Ronnie Goodman served as Associate Minister until taking a full time position in Burlington, North Carolina.

In Conclusion

Bro. Greene’s vision was to put into action the mission statement. The congregation installed Elders and Deacons, purchased land for a new edifice and established many new ministries. That vision came into fruition on June 6, 2010, when the Saints marched into the Sharpe Road Church of Christ and held its first worship service at full capacity. On October 10, 2010, the edifice was dedicated to the glory of God and prayers of thanks were given for God. Learn More About Our Ministers Here

He continues to lead us forward in His service as we serve our community, partner with other churches in Greensboro NC, and fulfill the great commission. Brother Julius Greene retired in 2017 honorably, and currently his former Assistant Minister, Dr. Nicholas A. Glenn is the Full-Time Minister at the Sharpe Road Church of Christ. churches in Greensboro NC

Check out this short two minute snippet of Dr. Glenn preaching- Dr. Glenn Sermon Snippet

Sing along with us on one of our worship songs- Let it Rise