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What Happened In 2020?

Sharpe Road's virtual Sunday service on zoom and Facebook Live

What Happened In 2020?

To All Churches in Greensboro, Let’s Stand Together Against Racism.

Sharpe Road church of Christ virtual serviceThe Sharpe Road church of Christ in Greensboro was unfortunately hacked and attacked by white supremacists. The event happened in the middle of our worship services on zoom and Facebook live. This situation made national news. Check out this link published by the Christian Chronicle:

Virtual Worship Service Becomes The Norm

God has delivered us as a church from many challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Starting in March of 2020, as a church we started meeting virtually, and suspended our in-person services. Throughout the year, we may have been physically distant, but socially and spiritually we stayed connected. We had several of our key members pass away, and we mourn with those that mourn. We know that many Churches in Greensboro can relate. 

No Matter What, As a Black Church in Greensboro We Continue To Overcome

Through it all, the Sharpe Road has overcame adversity through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have been blessed as well to have several members featured on Fox-8 news in Greensboro. We have had ministries expand, band together, and grow virtually. God has also brought us back together in-person, which started mid-2021. We began meeting with masks, social distancing, and temperature checks at our building. The city of Greensboro has so many needs, and we plan to be there for each one of them. To learn more about our church, visit for more information, or check us out on Facebook at

Nicholas Glenn, Minister at Sharpe Road

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