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New Blog Post- Do You Know Who You Are?

New Blog Post- Do You Know Who You Are?

Do you know who you are?Mistaken Identity is defined as, “When someone incorrectly thinks that they have found or recognized a particular person”. What happens when the mistaken identity is inside of you? What if who you’ve convinced yourself to be is not who you are? As Ivan Wilson was preaching on this particular Sunday, I had a lot to reflect on in my own life. This ends up being Identity confusion; when you have a personal psychological conflict.

Know this, who you are, is not predicated by what you’ve done, experienced, or your current situation. Have you convinced yourself that after experiencing sexual, physical or mental abuse, alcoholism or drug abuse, that even years later you’re still a victim? What if instead, you began seeing yourself as the VICTOR? What if…you saw yourself as a conqueror to the circumstance that tried to kill you, keep you bound mentally and in the constant cycle of re-living the events that took place?


When you look in the mirror do you love the reflection? Do you tell yourself you’re too fat, too thin, too dumb, not good enough or unworthy of a good life? Do you feel you’ll never be as good as someone else? I am definitely guilty of this. I find myself comparing my looks to other women; thinking, “If I were her size, if I had her hair, if I had the fullness of her lips.” But here’s the thing, I didn’t make me! God above created me in HIS image. (Genesis 1:27) After realizing the truth of this, I began understanding He made me to look the way He wants me to look. My mentality shift came from having surrendered my life to Him (mind, heart, body and soul). I began asking God to remove the mentality of comparing myself to others and replace it with thankfulness and appreciation in being who I am. Why strive to look like, act like or become someone else when you can be your BEST self and the “self” God created you to be?

Begin telling yourself “I’m not that situation, I’m not a failure and I’m not a mistake because of what Christ did for me on the cross.” Did you know Jesus Christ died for you? You don’t love yourself? He died for you. Having difficulty giving up an addiction? He died for you. Struggling with the moment your innocence was snatched away by someone else? He died for you. Christ died for EVERY human being and He wants us to surrender to Him so He can reveal to us who He’s created us to be and our Purpose in this life.

Our minds can enslave us and keep us in bondage by “convincing us” we’re not good enough, refusal to release the past, believing we’re always defeated. So much of your life can CHANGE if you take the first step and decide to change your mindset. When you surrender to God and His purpose for your life (because WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE)…it is AMAZING what begins to take place. I know this to be true for myself.

Today you can walk in NEWNESS telling your thoughts, “No matter what I feel, no matter what I think, no matter what may have happened to me, I will NO LONGER spend my days focused on what once was or my feelings. I refuse to continue walking in confusion, defeat and depression.”

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…” (Jeremiah 1:5) God called your name BEFORE the creation of the world! He knew you before you knew yourself! What does this mean? It means He’s called you as your Creator, to fulfill His purpose. I ran from my purpose for years. I knew what God’s purpose for me was but because I couldn’t see myself doing it, I thought it was too much for me to handle. I thought, “Why would anyone listen to me?” Because I ran from my purpose, God allowed some things to happen in my life showing me I had no other choice but to surrender completely to His will and His way. He created me so how foolish it would be to continue rejecting the purpose He has for me.

We are God’s masterpiece; God created us to do good Things! We are NOT defeated because we have Him! It took me YEARS to realize this and really internalize it for myself. Have you ever looked around thinking, everyone is happy but you? Please understand that is not a fact and remember we never know what another person is going through. I’ve been the one smiling in the face of others and had a crushed spirit on the inside. I know what it’s like not wanting to get out of bed one day and go to work the next as if everything is ok. Understand that God wants us to turn to HIM. He wants us to seek His Will for our lives. He wants us to Trust Him and Believe Him when He tells us our identity and our purpose. Today, choose to no longer deny your true identity. Instead of allowing your mind to enslave you…CONQUOR it and speak LIFE into yourself. It can be done!

Talk to God today and receive your true identity. The world doesn’t dictate who you are. YOU don’t even get to dictate who you are. God made you to be His masterpiece and He makes NO Mistakes, so walk in that truth and allow your identity to become what the Creator intended it to be. Thank you for reading.

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