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Brother Robert Alston

Brother Robert Alston was born and raised in Greensboro, NC.  He is the fourth of seven siblings.  Robert was introduced to the church at an early age by his high school sweetheart Sister Marie Butler. The two later married in March of 1966 and have been married for forty-two years.  Sister Marie Alston is one of the granddaughters of the late Brother P.K. Alexander, who was the first ever minister to what became the South English Street Church of Christ.  To their union they had three daughters, Angelia, Robin and Tonya.  Robert and Marie later adopted a son, Jeremy in 1991.  Robert loves the Lord and is honored to serve the Sharpe Road Church of Christ in the capacity of deacon

Earl Alphonso Garvin

Earl Alphonso Garvin was born in Pineland, S.C. on July 31, 1942 to Willard and Effie Garvin. He attended secondary school in Jasper County, S.C. and graduated with second honors in his graduating class while in high school. Upon graduating from high school, Earl matriculated to S.C. State College and majored in Mechanical Engineering. After receiving his B.S. degree, Earl was inducted into the U.S. Army as an Officer. Earl served 3 years on active duty and had achieved the rank of Captain prior to his honorable discharge from service.

Upon departure from the Army, Earl worked in industry in supervision, engineering and management.  He received several honors and awards while in the industrial field. Perhaps most notable of these was the recognition of Black Achiever in industry at the Waldorf Astoria in New York in1974. While working and living in St. Louis, Earl met and married the love of his life—Emma J. Simmons. Through this nuptial they reared 4 children: Candace, Martin, Matthew and Charity.  Earl obeyed the gospel in Morris Town, N.J. in 1976 and has been a warrior for Christ every since. Earl and Emma are residents of Eden, N.C. and are members of the Sharpe Road Church of Christ in Greensboro, N.C. Earl serves as a Deacon and enjoys various assignments in this capacity while serving God to the highest esteem.

Eugene Gibson

Eugene Gibson was born Dec. 23, 1938 at the Harlem Hospital, NYC. to Margaret & John Gibson Sr. He attended Morristown High School and finished graduation in the USMC, serving 4 years. He returned home from North Africa to Camp Lejune, NC. After leaving the military he attended Morris County Trade School receiving a diploma and graduating from the Sunset Bible School in Lubbock, Texas in 1990.

He resided in Morristown, NJ; and was baptized into Christ at the Morristown Church of Christ in 1986. While residing in Morristown, he joyfully married his sweetheart, Barbara King. During their marriage they had 3 children; Jefferey, Rita Lynn and Eugene Gibson Jr. They are now all adults living in New Jersey and Florida and have been baptized into Christ. Eugene takes great enjoyment in doing what he can for the Lord and the Church in lifting up Christ and giving God the glory & praise. Eugene and Barbara moved to Greensboro and moved their membership to the Sharpe Road Congregation. He is now serving as a Deacon and greatly enjoys whatever needs to be accomplished while serving God with high esteem!

Bro. Billy

Billy was born in Siler City, NC and at the age of five, his family moved to Greensboro. He was added to the body of Christ on November 15, 1987 at South English St (Now Sharpe Road) Church of Christ. He later met and fell in love with his lovely wife Tracy, also a member of South English St (Now Sharpe Road) Church of Christ. They united in marriage on June 14, 1991 and from that union they have 2 lovely daughters, Jasmyn and Whitney. He has been involved in teaching new converts, assisting the finance committee, evangelism/door-knocking and many other ministries. Billy has a background in printing; after graduating from Northeast High School in 1980, he attended Guilford Technical Community College, completed a four-year apprenticeship program at Meredith/Burda Printing Co. and finished a course of study at Philip Crosby Quality College in the Printing Improvement Process.  In 2004, Billy passed his National Exam and received his massage license for the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy. In his spare time Billy enjoys fishing, golfing and studying the bible.

His favorite scripture is:  Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Anthony Tinsley

Meet Anthony Tinsley and his wife Evelyn.  They are natives of sunny Florida, where they were raised in the church and obeyed the Gospel in their perspective congregations as youth. Anthony and Evelyn are the proud parents of Kennedy, April, Natasha, and Jewel.  The Tinsley family placed membership at the South English Street congregation in August of 1993.  Over the years, Anthony and Evelyn have served the congregation as bible school teachers, youth ministers and ministry leaders.   Anthony currently serves as Deacon for the Education Ministry and church Finance Ministry.